What is RISE?

We are an International Network aimed at promoting new security models and innovative solutions in public policies, at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

We defend that it is essential to place people at the center of public security policies, respecting and guaranteeing their fundamental rights, addressing all forms of violence, and increasing their capacity for effective decision-making and action in the definition of these policies.

Public security policies should develop an interdisciplinary and multi-situated approach focusing on social prevention interventions and giving shape to measures that may actually have an impact on the causes of crime and violence. This approach should also enlarge the range of voices participating in policy, making conversations, including grassroots actors such as women’s rights, civil rights, anti-racist, and climate activists.

Our main strength lies in paving the way for a wide, public, democratic discussion on these policies that may lead to collaborative arrangements, in which various actors may cross-nationally and cross-regionally share experiences, networking resources, knowledge, and abilities.

Knowing more about RISE

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