Here you will find useful guides and manuals for public management.

As part of RISE’s strategic objectives, we propose to critically review prevention policies and, to this end, we believe it is essential to promote constructive debate to generate new security models, collaborate in the construction of knowledge, and integrate different actors who work and analyze security from a perspective that puts people at the center.
In accordance with these guidelines and concerned with learning about current security practices and debates that offer guarantees of care and the necessary attention from the state, on this occasion, we bring together some tools and public policy proposals that have been implemented in some countries.
Although RISE does not assume responsibility for the authorship, we open this digital access space that does not intend to be an exhaustive compilation of models and manuals, but rather a repository as a tool to contribute to enrich and improve the construction of security at all levels, with the «Guide for Safer Cities» and the manual «Planning, Urban Design and Management for Safe Spaces» developed by Politecnico di Milano, IAU île-de-France and Regione Emilia Romagna.


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