Here we will talk about public policies and security: analysing current issues, complex concepts or doing proposals and sharing tools for practical implementation

The needs of people in the focus of the security

In this post we want to share The 2020 Document of the Human Safety and Community Construction Working Group aims to reflect on the possibilities and limitations of an alternative concept of safety that places the needs of people as the focus of their attention and care. From this point of view

Why is important to use the national accounts system to measure the income of criminal economies?

The money being made by criminal economies are those that allow them to continue operating, corrupting institutions, taking advantage of vulnerabilities and affecting the security of the State. Because this money not only flows in the criminal economy, but mixes with the legal and informal economy through money laundering manoeuvres and reinvestment in illegal activities, influencing the incomes and expenditures emerging data from the circular flow chart of the real economy.

About the attack on the United States Capitol

RISE strongly condemns the events that occurred last Wednesday, January 6, in the United States of America to try to prevent the official appointment of Joe Biden as president-elect. The irruption of these extreme right-wing Republican groups is especially serious for having been provoked and endorsed by the speeches of the current President Donald Trump.… Sigue leyendo About the attack on the United States Capitol

Rethinking security policies and security models

The socio-economic landscape we live in is increasingly complex and globalized. Power structures and decision-making schemes have been starkly altered in the recent past, making any effort to curb the negative effects of the current economic model all the more challenging.


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