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About the attack on the United States Capitol

RISE strongly condemns the events that occurred last Wednesday, January 6, in the United States of America to try to prevent the official appointment of Joe Biden as president-elect.

The irruption of these extreme right-wing Republican groups is especially serious for having been provoked and endorsed by the speeches of the current President Donald Trump. The construction of speeches based on lies and falsehoods are a constant of reactionary populism, of which Trump is a world reference, and constitutes an enabling element of political violence in the USA and around the world.

These violent speeches, which have been present throughout his presidency, have also served to justify a differential response by the security forces to various demonstrations according to their different ideological, political or racial connotations. Thus, violating the principles of equality before the law and political neutrality to which the security forces must respond.

These events should not be analysed in isolation, but are linked to a process of expansion of right-wing extremisms that feed on the conditions generated by the current capitalist economic model and that have led thousands of people to situations of exclusion and vulnerability and a deep distrust of political representations and institutions.

We in RISE understand that this situation can only be reversed by improving the existing mechanisms, so that they are more democratic, more representative and execute inclusive policies that guarantee a dignified life for people.

Likewise, this worrying advance of the speeches and extreme right forces around the world, as well as the consolidation of violent practices, protected by the argument of defence of democracy and freedom, require urgent actions by political leaders and of citizens in general. Democracy can only be reinforced with more democracy and under no circumstances can political violence be endorsed for the imposition of positions, policies or models, or as a means of conflict resolution.

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