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The Network moves forward in designing internal tools and in developing workgroups

Today, March 25, 2021, the first plenary session was held after the creation of the Network last December.

In the session, the Principles of Internal Functioning of the Network prepared by the Motor Group and the strategy and tools for internal and external communication were presented.

Likewise, the status of the working groups that began to function last month was updated:

Repository of experiences: It seeks to collect and systematize experiences of public security policies in the most diverse geographical areas. As a comparative look, it is about constructing explanations of the respective contexts. The richness of the cases for learning and possible innovations, both in terms of «successes» and «failures», is valued.

– Data group: From the detection of obstacles to the generation of quality data that enable government decision-making based on evidence, this group intends to rethink the generation of information on security matters as well as establish definitions that modify some current paradigms.

Police models groups: it will work on generating recommendations for the concrete and real improvement of public policies about the police profession. This year it will focus on:

– Collecting debates and experiences on police models. What has worked? And, what not? Why?

-Generating debates with policy makers, social actors and academics to create new proposals.

– Youth and prevention group: Two objectives are set in the short term: share and analyze experiences and projects of group members and build a shared analysis model in order to define an alternative prevention model to the policies of «law and order».

For RISE the goals of the year are to consolidate the workgroups that have started to work and to be able to maintain regular publications linked to the objectives of the Network.

In the coming months, work will be done on the organization public events to encourage debate about the issues addressed by the Network.

The next plenary session will be held in June 2021.

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