Security Companies, Violencia/Violence/Violência

Blurring the monopoly on violence: Private Military and Security Companies and coercive state power

he progressive privatization of state security functions under neoliberalism has enabled PMSC to expand dramatically in recent decades, becoming service providers linked to coercive power, the standard, legitimate and legal power that states exercise through their armies and security forces. Thus, in the last two decades, security has become both a legitimation of any state action and another source of profit maximisation.

Jóvenes/ Youth / Jovens, Violencia/Violence/Violência

Young homicide victims in Mexico

Murder "due to its absolute gravity […] is one of the crimes that is most scrupulously recorded, and the homicides data is considered to be some of the most representative and comparable crime indicators". This investigation will analyze the prime features of young murder victims recorded by the Mexican s Mortality Statistics.