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Evidence-based public policy debates

The second plenary meeting of the Network was held on 5 July. At the meeting the information of the working groups was updated and the main focus of the session was the open debate on "The question of data in public policy" as an instance of gathering shared knowledge in this area. 

The closing of the meeting, with the intention of bringing together plural actors to think about security, was in charge of the De croché puppet company, who presented a play reflecting on the situation of violence in Colombia.

Criminal Economies, Security policies

Why is important to use the national accounts system to measure the income of criminal economies?

The money being made by criminal economies are those that allow them to continue operating, corrupting institutions, taking advantage of vulnerabilities and affecting the security of the State. Because this money not only flows in the criminal economy, but mixes with the legal and informal economy through money laundering manoeuvres and reinvestment in illegal activities, influencing the incomes and expenditures emerging data from the circular flow chart of the real economy.